About the company

Who we are

Alexandre Quesada, founding partner and Executive Director of SmartTox, over the 16 years of experience in a multinational laboratory in the segment of analysis for the agro market, grew an old dream of opening a business that could break the boundaries of the conventional. In 2016, he left this company to realize his dream and open SmartTox - an international HUB of solutions for agribusiness that connects the best professionals in the world market.

SmartTox is a company specialized in Regulatory Toxicology, which fits the concept “Born Global Company”, that is, it was born operating in the international market.

With a team of professionals and partners around the world, SmartTox is always committed to offering its customers the best service solutions, generating a relevant value proposition for the market.


SmartTox has important pillars that govern the company's principles:
• Constant search for our customers’ satisfaction.
• Extreme quality in service provision with ethical and technical-scientific bases.
• Constant updating of all professionals and partners involved, in order always to offer the best solutions with excellence and credibility.


Gather extremely active professionals in the market in order to meet the demands of our customers, making safe and efficient connections with innovative solutions.