Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1) When sending a message through the CONTACTS page on our website, your data will be automatically included in our database of customers or interested parties.

2) The information collected for this registration is the one that makes up the message sending form on the CONTACTS page: Name / E-mail / Telephone / Subject of interest

3) The information collected may or may not be used to send newsletters with news about the services provided by Smart-Tox. This action is not currently part of the marketing strategies implemented to promote our services, however, at any time, it may become feasible.

4) Our website uses Cookies tools to collect data via Google Analytics.

5) The user has the possibility to browse the Smart-Tox website anonymously, choosing not to accept the use of Cookies.

6) Smart-Tox informs all users of the website that the data collected will NOT be made available to third parties, whether in the form of a partnership or commercialization.

7) If the user is interested in updating his registration data with our customer database, just send an email to and inform the data to be changed.

8) Any changes / updates to our Privacy Policy, will be disclosed through an informational banner on our website and only through this resource.

9) Smart-Tox's Privacy Policy is available through a link at the bottom of all pages of our website.

10) If there is any doubt or question about our Privacy Policy, please forward to email