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Predictive Toxicology


Evaluation of the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity of compounds for exploratory and registration purposes.

Evaluation of
Toxicological Studies

Validation of in vivo, in vitro and in silico toxicological assays for regulatory acceptance purposes.

Technical-Scientific Support in Conducting Studies

On-site or remote monitoring of studies conducted at CROs / Implementation of Toxicological and Ecotoxicological Studies.

Requirements and
Technical Opinions

Technical and scientific support for the preparation of defense to the requirements and technical opinions for the competent authorities.

(Company Technical
Evaluation Opinion)

Assistance in the preparation of the necessary documentation to comply with RDC No. 184 of 10/17/2017 and Guide No. 13/2017 - version 1 of ANVISA.

Synthesis Process

Patent evaluation, pre-screening and screening of impurities generated during the manufacturing process.

5-batches Study

Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of studies in accordance with current legislation, considering all processes and controls.

Quality Assurance System

Implementation, Inspection and Auditing
• ISO 17.025
• ISO 9001

Product Registration HUB

Management of the entire process in South America and Mexico for the Agrochemical, Householding, Veterinary Products, Fertilizers, Growth Regulators, Food Additives and Biological Products and Agents’ markets.

Market Evaluation

Efficient market analysis, based on current data that guide strategic planning and future decisions.

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